A land and the history behind
Vallentuna Golf Club held its first board meeting in the cafe at the indoor horse arena Veda Farm in 1989. The old owner Kurt Mattson sold the farm to the municipality and Vallentuna Ridklubb had taken over and built a new riding arena. Hard soil was cultivated while the fat soil the summer was pasture for the horses.

The transformation of this piece Roslag Nature to a golf course is an exciting process. Here are some short stories of the land to the golf course and the story behind. They have been recorded by Tore Hansson, who was involved from the beginning and was the chairman of golf course committee the first four years.

The road through the club house hill:
Our clubhouse is naturally fitted on the ridge between the parking lot and the golf course, as a link between the car - everyday and the course - leisure. But its location is really quite unique in that it is in the middle of the old road, a road that in itself is quite unique.

When the golf club area was planned so it was natural that the hill north of the track would be excellent for a Clubhouse, putting greens, etc. The problem was that the road to Veda Equestrian Centre went through the hill. That route was the equestrian-people interested in changing. It happened that the horse-trailers did not pass the sharp curve at the house on the 17th hole, and they got stuck in the uphill slopa and they even drove into the ditch on the bank between 18th and the driving range.

Former archipelago
Going back in time, about 6,000 years BC, Uppland was covered by water. The former Baltic Sea was a large inland sea-lake that lacked outlet. At that time, the whole of Sweden fixed link with the continent. The country has since the ice sheet 10,000 years ago is slowly increased and continues to do so. In the beginning it went pretty quickly, over 3 m per 100 years, and now it is just 0.5 m per 100 years.

If you stand on the 12th tee your about 35 meters above the current sea level and it can translate that these rocks were the shore of an island in an archipelago sometime in the Stone Age for perhaps 4,000 years ago.

Kurre Mattsson
The last private owner of Veda named Kurt Mattson. On the tee at the 17th is a painting that reminds us of the efforts Kurre Mattsson made for Swedish Trotting. In the 50s and 60s dominated harness racing at Solvalla brothers Nordin. They had their horses stolen piece at Solvalla, and there was all the training room. Kurre Mattsson found its own new way to train and compete.

There is a grave area in the forest right on the 14th, a tomb to the right of the 16th, a large tomb area surrounding horse pastures, barn and dwelling houses on Veda courtyard and a couple graves in the forest between 1st and 2nd gear up toward the highway.