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Rules and HCP committee

The Committee shall work to ensure that, if possible, to increase members' knowledge of golf rules, ethics, morality, player / marker's responsibility, handicapping system, etc.

The Committee shall also monitor, fix update of the holes indices, and referral organization to compile the scorecard and course guide. The Committee shall contribute to the course are clearly and accurately marked according to current regulations and decide on local rules and regulations.

Chairman - Arne Söderberg
Björn Berggren
Yngve Johnsson

This year's individual handicap audit based on games during the 2015 season have now been carried out by the club's handicap committee. To be covered by the audit required that a minimum of 8 racing or preregistered company rounds registered in the GIT. 305 members met this requirement. Of these, 33 received lower hcp members with one or two shots. 57 members received elevated hcp with one or two shots