Environmental policy adopted March 12, 2008
An ecologically sustainable society is a prerequisite for good health and for our life on earth. Such a society does not use more of the earth's resources than the Earth can produce. By adapting the handling of raw materials and products to the natural cycles of the earth resources can be reused and an ecologically sustainable society is achieved.

Overall goals
Sustainable development can be described in several ways. A simple model to assume at all decision-making we use the following four conditions. These must be met for nature and the natural resource base for people, animals and plants so they will not be destroyed.

- The use of substances from the earth must not systematically increase
- The use of fossil fuels, metals and other minerals should reduce and spread of residual in nature will be minimized.
- Substances produced by society must not systematically increase in nature
- We must not produce substances, intentionally or unintentionally, a higher rate than they can be broken down.
- The physical conditions of the ecosystem, and diversity must not be systematically impoverished
- Nature's productive surfaces must not be damaged or displaced. The natural race circuit physical space or diversity must not be restricted.
 -Effective and fair distribution of resources
- The use of energy and other natural resources for human needs to be as efficient and fair as possible.
- To link the policy to the overall objectives pursued club activities according to the following guidelines:

- All employees must be continuously trained in environmental issues so that the right skills are maintained.
- All employees and volunteers in Vallentuna Golf Club should be well aware of the importance of environmental responsibility for the club and perform all work with regard to this in a competent manner.
- All vendors must pre order made aware of our environmental standards and deliver in line with these.
- All services and products are offered with a high degree of environmental awareness so that proper environmental standards are met.
- All marketing should be environmentally and instructive.
- All in Vallentuna Golf Club will be encouraged to actively seek new and improved environmental studies to demonstrate commitment to environmental work.
- All members must be familiar with the club's environmental policy and are given opportunities to participate actively in the ongoing environmental work.
- Vallentuna GK shall ensure that financial resources are created in the club so that the best possible consideration can always be made in line with its environmental policy.
- The club shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and strive for continuous improvement in the environmental field.
- The action plan for environmental work shows how our environmental policy will be translated into practical action.