The golf course is in excellent condition, the best it has been in many years. We have improved the drainage system at hole number 5 by adding a new ditch, making the hole even more interesting.

Booking procedure

Members and guests are always welcome to play at Vallentuna GK, however one is only allowed to have one weekday time and one weekend time booked in his/her name at the same time. Members may book two weekday times and one weekend time 14 days in advance. Our guests may book one weekday and one weekend time 7 days in advance.

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

For green fee prices, please find below. For certain green fee cooperation partners, please press “länk”. To play free of charge on a course of a cooperation partner on weekdays, their summer greens needs to be open.

Introduction card holders are allowed to play when starting times are available, either on weekdays or on the weekend after 14.00. You need to contact the club at least one day ahead.

Green fee prices 2018

We receive “Golfhäftet” and with it you get to play all the time at half the price of regular Green Fee. Weekdays 450 - weekend days 550: -.
Half the price of the Green Fee applies only once and it cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Adults                  Weekends        Weekdays

Green fee

Guest to a member (includes everyone playing the same starting time as the member)

Summer Green fee (Weeks 27-32)

It’s only allowed to use one type of discount.

Juniors                Weekends        Weekdays

Green fee

Guest to a member (includes everyone playing the same starting time as the member)

Members of Cooperation clubs

Green fee with living arrangements               Weekends        Weekdays

You stay at Hotel Vallentuna at Vallentuna Sports Stadium

The package contains one green fee and one night at the hotel. You book the package with the hotel.

From 695 SEK


Other costs

Special green fee prices

A 9 hole green fee is possible on weekdays (not weekends) starting at hole number 10 before 10.00 if starting times are available. After 18.00 a 9 hole green fee is also possible, starting from hole number 1.                        

Price 250 SEK weekdays, 300 SEK weekends

Guest to a member 9 holes 200 SEK weekdays, 250 SEK weekends

Junior 9 holes 100 SEK weekdays, 150 SEK weekends

18 holes before 2 May or after 2 October: 250 SEK weekdays, 350 SEK weekends

After 18.00 from 2 May: 100 SEK discount Monday-Saturday for adults

Rent a golf cart

Same rules as a driving license applies when renting a golf cart at Vallentuna GK

2500 SEK for 10 times (when golf carts are available)

1500 SEK for 10 times with a medical certificate (when golf carts are available)

350 SEK for one rental (18 holes)

Rent a trolley

400 SEK for 15 times

30 SEK for one rental (18 holes)

Range cards

Token 34 balls, 25 SEK

Range card includes 15 buckets of balls, 34 balls in each. 300 SEK (Junior 150 SEK - Only for members)

Other points

Play 36 holes: The green fee is valid for 18 holes, however subject of availability one pays half green fee for the second 18 holes. The special price can not be combined with any other discount.


One may have ones dog on the golf course providing it is in a leash and the owner takes full responsibility for their dog.

Baby pram:

It’s allowed to bring a baby pram onto the golf course, however you must arrange an independent insurance in case of.


Once each individual guest has decided to play there are no refunds.

Lightning and thunder

One is not allowed to play during these conditions, however if one has started the round and has not played 9 holes, one will be compensated with a green fee voucher.

Competition fees 2018

Club competition entrance fee: 100 SEK per person

Competition green fee: 350 SEK per person + competition fee

Wednesday golf and Thursday golf clubs: 30 SEK

Company golf days

299 SEK per person (excluding VAT) minumim 8 player, Monday - Friday.
399 SEK per person (excluding VAT) minumim 8 player, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday.

Competition service can be ordered at a fee of 2000 SEK. Cancellation must be made within 7 days, otherwise the full amount will be debuted for all booked start times.

For more information, please contact

Calle Malmberg
Tel: 0706706917

Neil Fossett
Tel: 0705170596